Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Strange Things

I don't quite know what's going on. I think this is jet-lag. Not sure - it might just be tiredness and hunger from the long schlepp home. But home I am! And that's good. NYC was great - many good things happened and many ideas have been developed for imminent use. In fact, I'd better get to work - there's a novel to write.
But before that, I wanted to tell you guys in the UK to see Syriana and Matador when they come out here. They'll probably be 18 rated, though, so check that first.
Other fun things to do:
Names in cool graph form.
Also, I have a few questions about bull fighting, but I might leave that for when I'm less spaced out from jet-lag and intense, burning HUNGER!

Finally - a massive HELLO to all the great people I met this week in New York City. Thanks for looking after me so well, and accepting my strange English ways with such good humour.

A special HI to everyone I met at the Seward Park Library. I hope you're all enjoying my book...

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