Friday, January 27, 2006

Sneaky Blogging

I shouldn't be doing this.
First of all, I've snuck into a place I shouldn't be so that I have access to a computer. I could be collared at ay any moment and thrown into jail. Or 'gaol' as I believe it is called here.
Yes, I'm still in New York, and I haven't had much access to a computer - hence my sneaky sneaking in to places I shouldn't sneak.
I also shouldn't be doing this because I don't really have time. I have to get on the subway and head downtown (ooh, how cool am I?) to the Seward Park Library.
But I had to ask the one question that has been hounding me for this whole trip. New York is great, and I'm having a ball. The food is wonderful, the people are friendly, and anything you want is available, any time of day. The Orange Juice is spectacular. OK, Americans tend to stuff way too much ice in my water, but I can get over that. Everything else is brilliant.
But there's one thing you can't get. Here's the mystery - why is it that not a single bar, cafe or restaurant, anywhere in this whole city, no matter when, where, or how nicely I ask - NOBODY HAS ANY APPLE JUICE!
And I like an apple juice every now and again.
OK, gotta go, the security guard is coming over...


Anonymous said...

I never noticed the apple juice thing, but what really astounded me about New York, and in fact the States in general, is that they are so very bad at cheese. Considering how brilliant they are at sandwiches and burgers, why do they then insist on adding that reformed yellow pre-sliced stuff? It's weird and horrid. Their chocolate's pretty bad too - Hershey's in particular springs to mind.

Joe said...

Ah yes, cheese and chocolate. I agree entirely.
But they do lots of other things quite well. Like winning Olympic medals.