Thursday, January 19, 2006

What shall I read on the plane?

Right, packing. Let's do it. One day I'll have to write my meisterwerk - the art of packing. I'm the don at packing. Packing completes me. I pack.

I'm heading to New York in the morning (see my schedule of events here, if you're in that area), which means I'll still be able to watch the new series of House, which starts tonight.

What about writing, Joe? How will you get your next book finished if you keep running off to places like Dublin and New York?
Well, that's a great question, other self. But I think I can do it. I'm leaving 'Project R' at an approximate 10,000 words until I get back. That means it's about to overtake 'Project H' as my most complete work-in-progress (even though it isn't anywhere near complete at all). It'll take a few weeks strapped to my desk to get the first draft done, then I'll do straight into some re-writing (the important bit).

That sounds like a perfectly good plan to me. You're so clever.
Why thank you, other self. That's very supportive of you.

And you're so good at packing.
Like I said, I'm the don.

Good-looking, too.
OK, stop now.

I hope I'll be able to put a few thoughts up here while I'm in NYC, so keep checking for the latest in my American Adventure...

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