Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Creatures of the Deep

For almost two weeks in New York I kept ordering dishes that contained things called 'scallions'. I assumed they were a type of crustacean or seafood, a bit like a scallop, a shrimp, or maybe a mussel. Everywhere I went I thought I would try this delicious delicacy that I assumed must be fished locally, perhaps in the Hudson River.
Sushi restaurants seemed to serve it a lot. Ooh how nice, I would think: Yellowtail and Scallion - two delicious seafood flavours.
I was always a little puzzled that I couldn't make out the scallop-esque flavour.
Yesterday, on my final morning in New York City, I went for some breakfast. I ordered "Steamed eggs with scallions". Sounds good. Steamed - that's healthy. Scallions - that's delicious. I love seafood.
Turns out, not only does 'steamed eggs' mean SCRAMBLED eggs, but scallions are SPRING ONIONS!
I've been conned out of several tasty seafood treats.

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