Friday, December 09, 2005


I've realised how much of a fan I am of Sherlock Holmes. What a great character. I remember reading (or being read) the stories when I was quite little, and I watched a lot of the movies. This month several of those old films have been on TV again, and I've been captivated - again.
For me, the best Sherlock was Basil Rathbone, though Jeremy Brett comes a close second. I think the movies with Rathbone are better - they have a compelling mix of adventure, horror, war-time propaganda and a very English version of Film Noir.
And why aren't more people called 'Sherlock'?
I should start a Call Your Kid Sherlock campaign. Perhaps as a middle name at first, then slowly migrating to the first name. Eventually there'll be a pop star known only by one name, to stand alongside Sting, Madonna and, er, Enya.
Ladies and Gentleman, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Live Aid, go a little bit crazy for...

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