Sunday, December 11, 2005

Short Words

OK, I feel another global campaign coming on. Apparently it's Christmas soon (who'd have guessed?). There are many things about Christmas that might at some point later give rise to other rants, but for the time being, I was thinking about how we abbreviate it.
I see a lot of 'Xmas' all over the place, and then I hear people talking about 'Chrimbo'. How about we combine the two? Then we'd get the ultimate Christmas abbreviation:
Happy Xbo, everybody.
You see how quick it is? Now that's what I call an abbreviation.
It's a little cloe to 'Xbox' though. But I don't mind that. It means I can say stuff like: 'Are you getting an Xbox for Xbo?' and 'Is that your Xbo Xbox?'
And that amuses me.
Now I need some abbreviations for Channukah. Actually, just a standard way of spelling it would be a start.

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marianne said...

In our family we've sort of altered it to combine with Christmas. Not that we actually combine the two (like the holiday armadillo in Friends), but my parents tend to be away over actual Channukah and we've never done Christmas. So these days we pick a day and have general mid-winter festivities. We call it Channakmas. No, really.