Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Project H

I've just reached 8,000 words. That's the first draft of my new novel taking shape. I'm calling it 'Project H' for the time being - that's not the title of the story, it's just how I'm referring to it to keep it secret. I'm quite excited about it. In fact, I'm very excited about it.
It's not a Jimmy Coates novel, but don't worry - I'm hoping to write more about Jimmy soon. (Don't forget, Jimmy Coates: Target is coming out in March.) I don't intend Project H to emerge for a long time yet, so those two Jimmy Coates books will have to keep you going for the time being.
Those who know the way I work will have spotted that 8,000 words isn't a huge amount. I usually write 2,000 words a day - so that's 4 days. Well, in this case I've been working a little more slowly. There's been more planning to do, and some tricky corners to work out. But I think every day I'm getting closer and closer to how I want this story to turn out. I'm also getting back into my writing rhythm, so things are speeding up.
OK, enough. Every word here is a word I should be putting into Project H, so I'm getting back to work...

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