Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Immense Relief

It's the news I've been waiting for every minute of every day for, ooh, days. Yes, Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller have settled their differences. They will continue working together in their noble crusade towards making buckets and buckets of money. Most importantly, they have remained friends. They seem at great pains to stress that. Well, I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I was losing sleep. But now that I know they have a strong friendship, I'm suddenly at ease with the universe again.
Sorry, I'll stop now. Having a cold makes me grouchy. Not only do I have a cold, but my girlfriend is working in Milan this week. Yes, it's all very glamorous for her, while I sift through many random pieces of paper deciding what to put in my new filing cabinet.
I'm not jealous, just selfish. What's Milan done to deserve her presence? I need her here!

1 comment:

marianne said...

Ah, but Joe, what have YOU done to deserve her presence? Other than sneeze and buy a filing cabinet?