Monday, November 28, 2005

Filing Cabinet

I now have a filing cabinet!
I think the two men who delivered it were very suspicious. I could see them thinking: "He's at home, in the middle of the day, in his dressing gown, watching a movie - and yet he needs a filing cabinet. Hmmm..."
But then I tipped them and that made everything OK.
I'm very excited about this new furniture, though it does feel a little bit like the Phantom Tollbooth has landed in my study.
One of the best things about it is that I picked it up for only twenty quid - a proper filing cabinet for twenty quid! The branch of Furnitureland at the top of the road was closing down, so I popped in for a headboard. Didn't get a headboard, of course, but I did get... oh yeah, you know already.
The downside of all this is that I can no longer tell guests who are coming to my house for the first time to look out for the giant Furnitureland and then turn left. But I suppose eventually it'll turn into something else, won't it?
Oh, and none of you wanted a new coffee table or a sofa or anything like that, did you? They were going cheap this week and I already have enough in the coffee table/sofa department.
Anyway, too late now.
Now I must go.
Things need filing.
I must file.


Anonymous said...

"But I suppose eventually it'll turn into something else, won't it?"

The building used to be Finchley's Odeon Cinema. Just walk a few steps down the side roads at either end and the shape of main auditorium is still clearly identifiable.

Joe said...

You're joking!? That's amazing. Do you think there's any chance it will ever become a cinema again? I would love that. How about I start some kind of campaign...?