Friday, November 25, 2005

Holly Hill

I took a trip up Holly Hill today, to the junior branch of UCS - my old school.
It was so much fun - great bunch of students, and a very warm welcome from everybody (even the teachers who remembered me).
Every few minutes I got a very weird flashback to some moment from my childhood. Then realised that I was flashing back to something that happened to me on the very spot where I was standing. Even though the rooms looked quite different, something in me recognised these places and took me back.
I suppose I'm lucky: I enjoyed my school, so these memories were happy ones.
Anyway, a massive hi to all the boys I met today - thanks for the fun time.

I have another thing:
I was on the train just now, when the driver announced that we would all be "detraining" at Camden Town.
Detraining?! Er, WHAT?!
'Nuff said.

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