Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Review

Vector, the science fiction magazine, has reviewed my book! And I'm delighted to say that the review is entirely positive. I won't write out the whole thing here, because it's quite long (maybe if someone can find a link to it online I'll post the link...) but here's a lengthy quotation for you:

"The first in a new series of YA [Young Adult] books aimed not so much at the post-Rowling hordes but rather those kids who wouldn't usually be seen dead reading a book and would be first in line to break Harry's glasses or mercilessly towel-flick him in the changing rooms after Quidditch practice. After all when did Harry ever fly a helicopter down the Thames at midnight? While this may sound like 'The Bourne Identity' meets 'The Terminator', and the boy's own, hard action surface may be designed to attract those readers turned off by the popular trend for fantasy trimmings, the underlying themes of personal responsibility, power and a pleasingly grey morality and absence of neat resolutions makes Jimmy's character more reminiscent of Peter Parker and his struggles to do the right thing without actually knowing what it is or even really wanting to do it."

It goes on:

"By turns excitingly action-packed, believably sensible and character driven, and then refreshingly paranoid, this is a book I'd be happy to recommend to the kid in everyone."

A big thank you to Tom Hunter, whoever you are, for writing the review. I hope you don't mind that I've quoted so extensively from it here. If you do, email me and I'll make amends.

Meanwhile, everybody should buy Vector magazine, because they clearly have excellent taste in books.

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