Friday, August 05, 2005

Summer's New Phase

Just saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Now that's a weird film. Very good, but weird. Extremely odd. I enjoyed it a lot - especially the Danny Elfman score (not just the stupid songs, which are fun).
Jonny Depp is clearly a man apart and the little whippersnapper who played Charlie was great.
On a sadder note, the Brondesbury Under Eleven Season came to a premature end. Most of the squad is away on holiday so we've had to pull out of competition. Shame.
Anyway, it's been a good season: second in the league, and second in the cup. Final tally for all competitions reads: played 16, won 11, lost 3, tied 1, no result 1.
Also, A. Rose set a new record by taking 20 wickets in the season, as did T. Julius, by scoring 170 runs in only 6 innings.
All the stats will be on my homepage for the next couple of weeks.
By the way, I think it's about time I reminded everybody to buy my book. Thanks!


marianne said...

I wasn't mad keen on the score, nor on Danny Elfman's insistence on singing it all himself. I thought you couldn't hear the words properly and it sounded too "effects-y" which it would, of course, because one man is trying to be a whole chorus of people.

And, come to think of it, Mr Elfman is rather the egomaniac, isn't he? This isn't the only film he's scored and then sung himself, he did it in Nightmare Before Christmas too.

"Hmm. This is a big budget Tim Burton film. I can have anyone in the world sing these tunes I've just written. Anyone... including me! Glorious, brilliant ME!"

Joe said...

The parts of the score I liked were the parts that weren't the stupid songs.
I'm inclined to agree with you about the songs. Quite funny, but only because the whole thing was so trippy.

Anonymous said...

hi joe
my msn has completely broken!!!!! So I dont think i can use it anymore but i will keep in touch with you by your website!