Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Terrible performance last night from Imaginary Madrid. After two great wins, we did what most sports commentators call 'capitulating', even though they don't actually know what that means.
The opposition was strong, we were rubbish, we lost 8-1. That's the whole story. Though I do think I personally played quite well.
To console myself I've completely rearranged my desk, creating a mirror-image of what it was before. It's not quite a perfect mirror-image, because I can't get the writing on all my books to become mirror-writing.
Talking of books: as I lay in bed last night I struck on a brilliant idea for a novel. I love it. I'm going to write it, but there are two other novels I want to write first, so ask me about it in a couple of years.
Oh, and aren't fajitas tasty? Try this:
Chicken strips, marinated in a mix of soy sauce, mirin, strips of fresh chillie, lime juice, lemon juice and seasoned with pepper. Fried with baby tomatoes and onions, then wrapped in a flour tortilla with sour cream, avocado, strips of red pepper, crumbled cheese (whatever is your favourite) and fresh coriander.
Use free-range chicken - even if only because it's tastier.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at farming methods (for obvious reasons) and free range does not always mean what you think it might. Often the conditions are not much better than barn kept chickens and the breed (which forces chickens to get so fat so quickly that their legs cannot support their weight and they can end up collapsing in their own waste where the ammonia burns them and they can be trampled) is the same. Since finding this out I scrutinise every chicken for burns and am eating organic only as the restrictions are tighter and offer a better life free from routine medication etc. Buying direct from the farmer is great and out here in the sticks, possible. Aaagh, I sound like a bloomin grumpy hippy!

Liked the recipe, will give it a go. Bummer about the 'capitulating'.

Kat x

PS Did you get your package? I know London post is dodgy and I fear the worst....

Joe said...

Ah, that means you didn't get my phone message doesn't it? Never mind - there's a package on its way to you.

And thanks for the wisdom on Chickens - good to know. I tend to go for organic meat anyway.

What do you make of the Sainsbury's chickens with the 'RSPCA Approved' label?

Joe said...

PS Does this mean we'll be able to buy chickens from you in the future?

Anonymous said...

Package to me? This is most mysterious! Alsa, along with all technology, my phone hates me and must have gobbled the message.

RSPCA approved - an interesting concept but what are they approving? And when did they approve it? If the criteria just say it's up to government standards then we are still doing a dis-service to our livestock.

As for chickens of our own, hopefully we'll have some and yes you can eat them. I doubt we'll be running a comercial enterprise so you'll just have to put up with supper at ours!

K x