Friday, August 05, 2005

Into The Play-Offs

A solid, but not stellar, performance from the Brondesbury Under Eleven side tonight saw us through to the Inter-Area Knock-out competition. All the stats are on my homepage, if you're interested.
The boys will need a lot more discipline if they're going to compete against the league winners from the other areas. We'll find out how they fare on Saturday morning, when we take on Bessborough.
Meanwhile, I have a beautiful new piano. Can't stop playing it. It's one of the best uprights I've ever played (and I've played hundreds). In my opinion, it's even better than all but the finest grands.
Tonight I taught my girlfriend how to play the blues (in F, or in C!).


James Casey said...

Basic blues, Intermediate (head-shaking), or Advanced (dark glasses, jacket and fedora)?

Joe said...

Gravel voiced, backroom, illicit, heart-wrenching, gut-swivelling, torch-burning, dark glasses, early hours, late in life, rifflicky blues.

James Casey said...

What's in the glass - bourbon?