Thursday, August 25, 2005


Another really fun Library visit today. It was at St James's (that's how they spell it) in the heart of Westminster - the very place that much of my book is set.
Then I meandered through town, browsing the bookshops (recommending a good book now and then, of course). Strangely, I happened to be in Waterstones at Picadilly Circus when this year's Big Brother contestants arrived to sign their book. Well, it's not 'their' book, is it? It's by somebody else, but they're in it. I'd be astonished if any of the housemates is getting royalties for the book.
Anyway, I hurried away from the crowd.
My next mission is to buy a suit. I feel like I need one. You people who work in offices probably have hundreds already. I'm more of a jeans kind of guy. Occasionally a formal jacket, but only if I want to look particularly poncey.
So any advice on suit-buying, hints tips etc - most welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'd think a cutting edge tweed number would suit you. Whatever you get, make sure the jacket fits - nothing worse than a man drowning in an over-sized jacket.

Bored at work again.

How do you plan out your books when you start writing? I've got an idea and I might even commit it to paper.


James Lark said...

Joe, I see you in something dark, trim and slightly Italian looking, not one of these stuffy English suits. Some good sale prices out there at the moment, but well worth paying a decent amount for it nevertheless because then it will last you for ever (unless you put on an unreasonable amount of weight). Either that or go to Bangkok and and get five tailor-made ones for the same price. They'll fall apart quickly, but you'll have five.

Kat, commit the idea to paper then plan it.

Joe said...

Thanks for the advice, folks. Plenty to think about there.
Kat, I'm going to have to give your question its due thought and get back to you later. I might even write something proper and put it in the words section of the site. Either way I'll let you know.
But for the time being - definitely jot it down, and devote time to some serious thinking.
If it's fiction, pay attention to your ending, and don't move past the planning stage until you know your ending. It might change later, but you have to know where you're heading.
Second piece of advice: write now, edit later.
In fact, I'm going to write this properly and put it on the site.