Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'm sitting in the lovely Paddington Children's Library, where I'm about to do one of those 'Author Events'. It's all part of the Summer Reading Voyage. This morning I was up the road at Marylebone Library, chatting with a great bunch of people, all keen to hear about the world of Jimmy Coates and Joe Craig, and also how I fit the 'thought oven' into my head. That was fun.
Everybody is looking after me superbly - I just had a very tasty chocolate biscuit. And there's a girl here who was named after Lauren Bacall. She wanted to make sure I knew that. So now I do.
Tomorrow I'll be appearing (that sounds grand, doesn't it?) at St James's Library, discussing, among other things, the apostrophe in 'St James's' and whether I've spelled that right.
So come along and say hi if you're in the area - 2.30pm.
Meanwhile, I'm going back for another biscuit...

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