Sunday, August 28, 2005

Social Animal

Three parties to go to - one night. It's a long time since that happened. I've had to choose between three movies before, three main courses, or three different flavours of mento, but three parties all on the same night?
I could have chosen one and spent all night there. That would probably have been sensible, but since when was sensible fun? So I planned an ingenius route between the three places (each in a different part of North London).
It turned out to be a great night. I love those parties where you only know one or two people, so you're forced into meeting newbies. Tonight was like that - and I met some lovely people. So lovely, in fact, that I never made it to the third party.


Anonymous said...

did you get drunk?
Was it really good?
Are you tired?

Joe said...

I didn't get drunk (I don't drink) but I am really tired.
It was fun.