Wednesday, July 06, 2005

War of the Worlds

Brilliant. Loved it.


Anonymous said...

I also saw it this past weekend.
What was your take on the blood?

I thought it was gruesome and there wasnt much of an explanation of why.

Did you get the joke at the end with the grandparents?

Joe said...

I thought the tripod thing was using the human blood to lay down roots that would turn into more aliens. Maybe. Anyway, it looked pretty chilling.
But to me it didn't really matter why, because the film was one man's story, more like 'Signs' than 'Independence Day'.
He didn't know why, and while he did wonder, it was much more important to him to save his family. Then at the end, he realises that despite everything he has gone through, he could never really succeed because of the way he had behaved all his life leading up to the lightening storm. He was still alone.
The grandparents were the actors from the 1953 film, weren't they?

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea about more aliens.
It did seem odd then that in the basement they acted very childlike, the bike wheel, the photos.

True, it was the story of one man and Cruise did do a good job. The scene in the diner where he breaks down.

A number of people didnt get the grandparents at the end. We must watch more films than most

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe
I havent seen war of the world did you enjoy it and recomend it!

Joe said...

Yes, I liked it a lot. It was very chilling, a little scary, but in a good way, I thought.