Monday, July 04, 2005

Busy Weekend

There was loads going on this weekend. I'm pretty sure you noticed.
What did you think of Live 8?
I just have one question - where was Prince?
To be honest, he might have played somewhere, because I missed most of it. I spent the day at Wimbledon watching what some people are calling 'the greatest women's final ever'. I'm actually not sure who those people are, except for my Mum, but it was a brilliant match.
I did my bit for the quality of the tennis by eating a lot (no surprise to those who know me) and making the occasional 'witty' comment (again, those who know me will be sighing).
Yesterday was just as busy for me. I was at the East Barnet Festival, eating, watching the dance acts, filling in as a sound man, eating, trying to ward off the temptation to win a giant stuffed dog, and watching the kids falling off the climbing wall. All part of a day at the fair.
I did win two trays. Yes, that's right - trays. Wasn't trying to. Somehow it just happened. Made me feel like I'd won a very cheap plastic version of Wimbledon. Twice.

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