Thursday, July 07, 2005


I'll be 32.
I'm very excited.
London will be hosting the Olympic Games.
I accidentally saw the announcement live on TV today (I was trying to watch an episode of 'House', but it turns out I've seen them all already). My depth of feeling surprised me. I knew I'd be chuffed, but I also found it quite moving. This is a properly BIG thing for Britain, for London - for me.
A few years ago I tried to put in a bid to bring the Olympics to Finchley. I was stymied by the IOC. They didn't share my vision. I think the rivalry with Hendon didn't help.
Another massive sporting occasion went down tonight - my Brondesbury Under Eleven team THRASHED Hampstead.
Now, Under Eleven cricket is not about gloating, but it did feel good to see how far we've come since we lost to Hampstead earlier in the season. This puts us second in the league - the top two play-off for a place in the inter-league knock-out. (Like qualifying for Europe, if you're into football. I mean soccer.)
All the stats, and some analysis of the stats, are at the bottom of my homepage.


Anonymous said...

tomorrow can you say good luck for me and my performance!

Joe said...

Good luck Claudia! I hope your performance goes very well INDEED!