Monday, July 25, 2005

One Nil Down

So England lost the First Test, and it didn't even take them very long. But there are still four more this summer! To cheer me up after the defeat, I ambled along to John Finnemore's new blog. He's funny. Have a read.
I have finally managed to catch up on most of the emailing waiting for me when I came back from holiday - I think. If I'm meant to have emailed you and I haven't - sorry! Maybe I haven't caught up as much as I thought I had.
Meanwhile, I have another huge task facing me: to eat all the food leftover from a barbecue. It was meant to be a small barbecue, but the menu didn't realise that. It was huge. Now I must eat everything before it is wasted. Can't stand wasting food. Must eat.
Or there is the other solution - have another barbecue...

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Anonymous said...

No email came to me :(