Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tic Tacs v Mentos

This is the battle of the sweets that has me torn. Surely it has to be Mentos. But then I think of Tic Tacs, the lime and orange ones, and the juices in my mouth go haywire.
I think in the end Mentos win it, because of the sheer range of delicious flavours I have discovered in different placs around the world. When it comes to Tic Tacs I only really go wild for the lime and orange flavour combination (two lime, one orange - the magic formula). By the way, why don't they sell the lime flavour in packets on their own? Why only the orange?
I'll be sucking on plenty of both sorts of sweet while I watch the Ashes. I'm quite excited about it. England haven't beaten Australia since 1985. I was 5 years old. 'Nuff said.
Tomorrow's going to be a big day at Lord's...

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James Lark said...

WIth tic tacs, though, you get a nice plastic box in which you can keep things. Me and my schoolmates used to keep spiders in them - it occurs to me that they could also be used as tanks for very very tiny fish.