Friday, December 10, 2004


Jeremiah has a new home today. It is twice as large as his old home. It is furnished with gravel and bubbles. The new light makes the water look shiny.
Jeremiah is our fish. He is a goldfish, and I am told that once he started life as a small fish. But now he is not such a small fish. In fact, he is so large that he needs a 96 litre tank all to himself. I've never seen a goldfish so large. He has almost as much space inside that tank as we do, outside the tank, in the living room.
But I can't possibly begrudge him any of this luxury. As fish go, he is a real charmer. Occasionally he scats. He is also about 12 years old, which I think is a pretty good age for a fish. My girlfriend first acquired him when she was but little. Probably smaller than Jeremiah is now.

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