Monday, December 13, 2004

Su Doku

Hmmm, it doesn't look good, I'm afraid. I've discovered Su Doku. And just at the wrong time. I'd just reached the point where Minesweeper no longer presented a challenge, then I discover this new puzzle quite by accident in a discarded newspaper.
Have a look at some examples at to see what I'm talking about.
The crossword was boring me (not because I could do it, but because I couldn't) and my eye fell on this. I'm not usually a fan of numbers games (I like them, but I tend to enjoy the wordy stuff more). I'm afraid I might be hooked.
I have since discovered that certain people I know are also hooked. It's like a secret code-loving brotherhood. We wink at each other in the street. Or is it just that our eyes are shrivelled from hours of staring at small numbered boxes?
I like to think that Su Doku marks me out as someone who should be working for the Secret Services. Except the early mornings would count me out. That's why I write about them instead.

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