Monday, July 05, 2004

Very Happy Boy

I'm quite pleased at the moment. My girlfriend has just come back from a trip to New York. Her return is in itself a Wonderful Thing, but on top of that she brought me back some presents!
I am now the proud owner of series one and two of Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. I'm chuffed. Not only do I really like that show, but the fact that my girlfriend bought it for me is remarkable. She hates it. This is the ultimate unselfish gift. She has given me something that will never give her any pleasure. In fact it will annoy her when I put it on. So my gift to her in return is the promise that I will never watch it while she is in the house.
That was not the only thing she brought back from the land of plenty, though. She has also found me some Haribo Frogs! For those that don't already know - I collect frogs. I have a huge collection of novelty, toy and ornamental frogs, some of which are valuable, none of which are edible. I always eat the edible ones. I've eaten cake, biscuit, marzipan and chocolate frogs. I plan to eat the Haribo Frogs too. They look delicious, and I have never come across them in the UK. Why are some sweets not available here? I'll have to tell you all about Mentos some time...

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