Thursday, July 01, 2004


I know you've all been waiting eagerly to hear how the Brondesbury Under Eleven side got on tonight against Hampstead. I'm delighted to be able to tell you that BRONDESBURY WON! It was a thrilling run chase and a fitting climax to the league season.
So where does that leave Brondesbury in the league? Well, North Middlesex won their final match this week, so they won the league. But Brondesbury's victory tonight assures them second place. The top three spots look like this:
North Middlesex: played 10, won 7, lost 1, no result 2, points 74
Brondesbury: played 10, won 6, lost 2, no result 2, points 64
Hampstead: played 9, won 3, lost 2, no result 4, points 38
with Hornsey, Highgate and North London making up the bottom three places.
It's ten points for a win, two points for a game with no result.
Congratulations to the boys on a good season, and many thanks to all the parents for their excellent support.

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