Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jimmy Coates: Blackout - some teasers...

Jimmy Coates: Blackout is coming out on June 6th and to help with the publicity I've got some designers working on alternative covers for the series. So far what they've come up with has been fantastic and I'll be sharing some of their designs here closer to the release of the book.

Meanwhile, one of the designers was in touch this week to ask for a few more details about what's in the book.

I thought it would be mean of me not to share these little titbits with you, so here's what I told him:

Jimmy Coates: Blackout is about a power struggle and corruption in a general election. It takes place in the 24 hours before and the 24 hours after the election and it's all set in Britain - mainly in London.
There's a big set-piece action sequence at a place called Chisley Hall which is based on a real-life place called Chichely Hall, so maybe google that and take a look at images of it if you like. There's also a final climax action sequence at a club that I called in the book 'Loco' but in real life it's based on a venue called The Forum in Kentish Town, North London, so maybe google that one as well and take a look.
Apart from that there's also a big chase sequence at Heathrow airport that ends in a plane getting blown up. Obviously.
As for objects... the one that springs to mind is a hard-boiled egg coloured black as a signal to an assassin. Also, there are codes in su-doku puzzles.
Finally, here's a cheeky montage of little slivers from these alternative cover designs while they're still works-in-progress. See which bits you like...

OK, no more secrets from me today.

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