Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Book? Out Today? Why, that must be LIFTERS!

Yes, LIFTERS is officially released today. It's my latest book-based-entertainment-package (as I like to call them these days) and it should now be available in bookshops, libraries, on websites & to download as an e-book directly into your brain, or via an e-reading device.
Here are some random thoughts about the book, as they occur to me:
- it's very short. My shortest book by far. It was meant to be like that; the shortness was the point of it, so busy people & people who aren't used to picking up a big, fat book will enjoy reading it.
- it's a thriller. Just like my Jimmy Coates books, LIFTERS has action, suspense, mystery, twists and some dilemmas to get you thinking along with the characters. But it's all packed into a much tighter running time.
- my first draft contained a scene in which someone jumped into a moving car through the sunroof. I cut it, partly because it made the book too long but mainly because it was too much of a 'Jimmy Coates' thing to do. LIFTERS is supposed to be entirely 'real-world', without any alteration or genetic modification.
- the word LIFTERS is slang for 'pickpockets'. But you weren't to know that, because I made it up. The two main characters of LIFTERS are teenage pickpockets, brother & sister, who have different ideas about the future. Then one of them 'lifts' a package that he really shouldn't have his hands on. And there's a sniper watching him take it...
- there are no lifts in LIFTERS. Sorry, elevator-fans.
That's all for now.
In the next week or two I'll be posting extracts, more thoughts about the book and perhaps even some videos. Until then, keep your hand on your wallet when you're in a crowd.
Oh, and check out the book!


Anonymous said...

Nothing in the shoe heel either, I hope.
Looking forward to curling up for an hour with your shortie...

Joe said...

Great! Hope you like the book. It won't take you long, but the idea is it'll make you think for a good while afterwards. Let me know how you get on!

Greg John said...

I can't find Lifters for sale for Kindle on Amazon! Any thoughts??
Looking forward to reading it!

Joe said...

Yes, quite a few people have pointed out to me they haven't been able to get it on Kindle yet. Very annoying! As far as I was told, getting it ready for Kindle was the reason for delaying the publication by 2 weeks in the first place, so I assumed the publisher had sorted it, but evidently they hadn't & just published anyway.
So... as it's meant to be on Kindle already I can only assume it'll be there at some point. If I find out anything new I'll put it up here. Sorry!

Miriam said...

Lifters is great! Really exciting and taut. Well done! Adaq is a great name too.