Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get a 13 year-old boy to read. Change the world.

I wrote a list this week. It's a list of books to get a 13 year old boy to read. Not a particular boy, but the stereo-type of a boy. It could have been me at 13. Maybe it's you, now, or a son or a nephew or a pupil or the tyke who runs your estate with an iron fist.

I wrote this list because the most common plea I get from parents is, "My son won't read - there just aren't any books he likes. He's 13."

(The second most common plea I hear is, "My son won't read - there just aren't any books he likes. He's 9." So I'll have to another list soon.)

For now, you'll find the first list here:

I didn't spend ages researching it, so I'm sure there are other books out there that work too.

These are the books I could think of immediately. The ones that I know work. I've seen them transform non-readers into readers. Plus a couple of new ones that I'm pretty sure WILL work as soon as they come out.

If you work in a school or library you've probably read all of them already. Please do add your own suggestions in the comments here. I'll read as many as I can and add to the list when I like a book.


NutmegAngel said...

Oh dear... I've read a good portion of the action ones, and definitely fancy reading the Alexander Gordon Smith ones. Why is it that I always think the 'boys' books look so much more interesting than the 'girls' ones? What about Artemis Fowl? One of my all time favourites.

Joe said...

I'm a big fan of Artemis Fowl. It'll be one of the first titles on my list for the slightly younger lot.

Let me know what you think of the Alexander Gordon Smith ones!