Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vetting Authors and Me on TV

I've just come back from a whirlwind appearance on BBC News 24. It flashes by so quickly. So many lights and bright colours - and that's just in the cab on the way in.

Anyway, I hope what I said was just a little bit coherent. I was commenting on THIS article, in which a handful of very eminent children's author get all worked up about authors having to be registered and vetted before we can visit schools.

As you can probably tell, I disagree with their rather petulant reaction of boycotting schools. Seems a shame to punish the kids they would otherwise be inspiring, doesn't it?

I'm sure I'll write more about this, perhaps tomorrow. For now I'm saving my killer arguments for another appearance on BBC news.

Catch me tomorrow morning, 7.45am (ish) on BBC Breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this should be taken further:
Kids stop at shops on the way to and from school, so shop workers should be vetted too.
Anyone living on a route to a school would be able to lean out of the front door and grab children, like pick and mix.
Not forgetting parents, they have access to children at very strange times.

If a politician visits a school will they have to be vetted?

Julia Campbell said...

I thought what you said on Breakfast this morning was really reasonable and respectful of the processes that schools have to implement to keep children safe. Yes, it's a real hassle and it probably feels insulting to some people but it's just part of the overall picture of doing everything necessary for children's safety. It's everyone's duty to be a part of this process - schools have to take the major share in child safeguarding, along with EVERYTHING ELSE they have to do so please let's support them. Good on you for your comments and attitude.

tombydand. said...

the only thing that slightly anoys me about it. is that we have servived for decades with childrens authers visiting schools with out haveing to be vetted so why decide to do it now? and haveing had a relation who works in publishing i know for a fact that the authers are never aloone with the kids, if they were lockedin a class room wihtthe kids alone for a long period then yes i can see the point, but they, you, are not. i'm glad you are aprouchingit with such a healthy attitude, but i just think its a little silly.