Monday, April 20, 2009

Small Things, Great Joys, Clean Teeth

I've decided that happiness in life must be based on getting inordinately excited about small things.

Today, in Superdrug, I found my favourite type of toothbrush.

I'm pretty sure I was happier on my wedding day, but apart from that I can't pinpoint a moment that's brought me more joy. I wasn't this happy when my first book was published. I wasn't this happy when I hit my first hundred (that's in cricket, by the way), or even when I struck that perfect straight drive for six at the end of last season (again, cricket). I'm not even this happy when I find a new sushi restaurant. And anybody who's read this blog much or ever met me will know that's saying a huge amount.

It must be over a year since my favourite type of toothbrush (a sleek MacLeans job, if you're interested) disappeared from the shelves of every shop where you might ever expect to buy a toothbrush. I pined for it. I mourned its passing. Then I shifted into anger for a few months and ranted at the world for denying me the joy (and dental hygiene) of the finest toothbrush. After that came resignation, mingled with nostalgia.

But now it's back! Or is it? I'm obviously very happy to have a new stock (yes, I stocked up while I could) but my joy is not without reservations. There is every chance that the toothbrush only appeared on the shelves of Superdrug because the staff found a stray leftover box hidden down the back of the sofa in the break room and they thought they may as well flog a few 'for a laugh'. Or for profit, which I understand is how many commercial establishments prefer to operate these days.

So I suppose what I'm saying is that all things are ephemeral, even toothbrushes. Life is transient. Take your happiness while you can. Brush carefully today, for tomorrow you may be denied your brush of choice.

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