Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shiny New Computer. Same Old Internet.

Well I'm quite pleased with my shiny new computer. And yet...

The good things first: it's smarter, it's sleeker, it's quicker and smarter. It's more polite, more sensible, more flexible and in a slightly different place on my desk.

But there still seem to be some things that don't improve, despite the obvious leaps in technology.

For example: why are the leads between components still too short? I know I have a slightly larger-than-average desk, but surely the tight rein between the computer box and the monitor is too short for most people.

And why are there still too few USB holes on the machine, when most things now have to go in through a USB hole?

And why isn't every keyboard and mouse wireless - as standard?

And now I'm starting to sound like a computer-y person. Computer conversations are possibly up there as the most boring conversations on earth. Alongside dentistry conversations. Sorry, dentists. Actually, now I think about it, even conversations about teeth are more interesting than conversations about computers.

I would rather sit in silent contemplation than chat about how much memory somebody's new wondermachine has.

Sorry, computerland. You are less interesting than cricket.


Anonymous said...

For computer gaming you would be better to use a laser mouse which works better through the cable (bit of string thing) than wireless as it enables smaller deviations to be detected.

No, still not as boring as cricket.

Joe said...

Wow, I think I actually fell asleep for a moment while reading that comment.
Just kidding - thanks for the tip. I don't get time for much gaming these days, but if I ever do, I'll remember that!