Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miscellany of Rambling

Various things have struck me today. (None of them literally, thank goodness.)

First, I notice that today is the anniversary of the first recorded lottery in England, which apparently first happened in 1569. And I woke up to find that I'd won ten pounds on the lottery. So that's a good coincidence. And quite a tenuous one.

Second, I've been wondering about the second layer in a box of chocolates. Who invented that? Who first thought it would be a good idea to sell a box of chocolates that repeats itself? And why? And why is it always the same flavours underneath as on top? I'm not saying it's a bad thing - it's great - but I'm interested in how and why this started. Was it some clever commercial thing that I can't quite work out? And why haven't three-tiered chocolate boxes caught on? How many tiers would a box of chocolates have to have before things get, well... silly? And I can't resist asking whether the inventors of the first chocolate box were ever warned by their parents that it would all end in tiers.

And yes, I've been saving that weak little pun since they started rebuilding Wembley Stadium. I made it then, and I'm proud to recycle it now.

Finally, I was alerted to a brilliant moment of sports cliche nonsense. Matthew Hayden, the Australian cricketer, has been responding of late to much speculation about when he might retire. So he said, quite wonderfully:

“Ultimately it will be my call to look at the bloke that talks to yourself every day in the mirror and say ‘mate it is time to go’ or ’saddle up, pull your socks up and get on with it, you’ve got South Africa and you’ve got the Ashes’.”

Does he actually think that there's one bloke that everybody sees in the mirror every day who talks to us all? Isn't he at all suspicious that the bloke looks like him?

That's all for now. Except that I had a bit of break through in my plotting of Jimmy Coates: 8 today. I'd hit a tricky corner, and after an hour of very careful, planned thinking, one thing clicked into place.

I think my main plot is now really taking shape.

I'm excited.

Don't forget to tell me your theories and discoveries about the origins of the second layer of chocolate.


NutmegAngel said...

It's probably cheaper to do the two layers identical, so you don't need different size holes/different machines etc. And it means they can write 'twice the chocolate' or something on the top...

maz said...

I think it's best to have two layers the same so you can experimentally try them all out on the top layer then know exactly which ones to go for when you hit the second layer. except in our house you get to the second layer and someone else has already stolen all the best ones. and then put back the wrapper to make it look untouched. and they've only left the gross ones like orange cream and coffee. vomit.