Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pigs, Otters, Weddings and Osyters

Things that have happened since I last posted here:

- I appeared at the Cheltenham Book Festival with Mark Walden in a frantic 'Heroes v Villains' debate. The heroes lost, making it 1-1 over all. I'll be back for revenge soon I hope...

- I ate 48 oysters in two hours at the Falmouth Oyster Festival. Delicious. Great festival, by the way, in a beautiful town down in Cornwall. I washed down the oysters with a bucket of prawns and half a pint of shellfish soup.

- I got married!

- I nearly got arrested, twice. Two long stories best saved for another day. Let it suffice to say: I was innocent!

- I fed pigs.

- I fed otters and seals!

So there's plenty for me to fill you in on. There might even be a couple of pictures coming soon. Especially of the pigs. They were amazing.

It's been fun.

Now I'm plunging back into Jimmy Coates: Blackout to get it written in time for my editor. I've also got a trip to Ireland this week for the Irish Children's Book Festival. Look out for me in Cork!

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Anonymous said...

Forget the pigs, oysters, prawns and any other seafood you may or may not have eaten. Are you really Daniel Craig's cousin...I mean proper cousin not twice removed or by marriage or your next door neighbour's brother's wife once sat next to his sister's butcher. Dish the dirt...his and your fan base need to know!