Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 1st, 2008 - JC:P Day

It's out today!

Jimmy Coates: Power is finally unleashed on the world. All in all it looks like being a pretty good day: the sun is out, it's about 15 degrees (according to my desktop weather dondle), the Dow is up*, the cotton is high, I have an appointment at my tailor, the pollen count is low, the road rage index is steady, the beaufort scale is sleeping, the traffic flow is... flowy and it ain't what you do it's the more the merrier.

On top of all that, you can walk into any bookshop in the country (in theory) and pick up a copy of the brand new Jimmy Coates action-thriller.

The Amazon page (click one of the links in the right hand column) has shown a healthy leap in sales. Always a good sign. Almost as exciting is that my box of books arrived and is now sitting happily on my living room floor. It's a great big pile of happy orange-ness (orangity? orangutan?).

I'm now officially the author of six novels. I'm not yet quite sure what it feels like to be the author of six novels. So far it's similar to being the author of five novels, but with more of a runny nose.

If you're reading the new one, I hope you enjoy it. If you're already through it, it would be great to see some good reviews go up on the Amazon page! At some point today or tomorrow I'm going to put up a whole load of trivia and inside information about the new book on the trivia page of the JC website, so look out for that if you're interested.

Happy reading!

*I made up the bit about the Dow. I don't actually know whether it's 'up' or what it being 'up' would mean, or whether it would be a good thing or even whether there still is a Dow. I take no responsibility for investment decisions taken based on information received from this blog, cars are left at their owners' risks, but I will watch your coat and bag for you.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

How's the new book being received?

Greg said...

Orangeboom? Orangitude?