Thursday, October 30, 2008

"...cue pace, action, chase, gadgetry and mayhem."

I've just been sent a link to the first review of Jimmy Coates: Power.

Check it out here.

I'm relieved and delighted that it's such a good review!

Meanwhile, I'm cracking on with Jimmy Coates: Blackout. I cruised past the 60,000 word mark, which means I'm round the home straight and at that tricky bit where it always looks like the runners are slowing down but actually they're sprinting. It's just the camera angle making it look like they're running on the spot in a really ungainly way. I'm at that stage. And that's just the first draft. Once that's done I'll be going through the whole thing again about a million times. But on a scooter. Have I stretched this analogy far enough?

Absolutely not. But I'll do the rest of the stretching in my head and not inflict it on you (the way I inflicted that, ahem, 'joke' on you earlier this week).

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