Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cricket. Sorry. But there's a joke at the end.

A brilliant, brilliant idea.

In a world when there's so much idiocy (do I need to list examples?) I was absolutely delighted to read in this article the suggestion that Pakistan play some 'home' Test Matches in England. (I'm talking about cricket here - non-cricket fans, feel free to change channels now, or keep reading and I'll reward you with a joke at the end. OK? Good.)

It's an idea so good I'm ashamed I never thought of it myself.

In Pakistan and India there have been problems with Test Matches ('proper' cricket, where each game could take 5 days) because the public doesn't come to see them, preferring One Day Internationals ('stupid' cricket, which is actually quite dull despite the coloured clothing, floodlights, music and fireworks) and even 20/20 games ('silly' cricket, which kids play, and is actually pretty good in small doses).

Even worse, many countries have been refusing to tour Pakistan because of security concerns. Meanwhile, the demand for tickets to Test Matches in the UK remains higher than ever, and Asian cricketing nations have a huge fan base here.

It all seems to make perfect sense.

Which is why I was astounded to read that someone at the English Cricket Board had suggested it. Great idea - let's see it happen.

And now, for the those who kept reading despite having no idea what I was talking about, and even less interest, my joke. Ahem...

Why is a giraffe's neck so long?
Because its head and its body are so far apart.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that.

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That was not a joke.