Friday, September 05, 2008


England is so quiet. Wonderfully, beautifully quiet.
I've just been in India for three weeks, where even in the fanciest hotels you need to choose between the constant drone of air-conditioning or uncomfortable heat.
This morning I am thankful that England is temperate and quiet.
Hmm... just as a typed the word 'quiet' a rubbish truck appeared in the street outside and started beeping. But still - it's a soft, gentle beeping. A lulling beep.
OK, now there's some dog going mental.
But it's a friendly bark. A charming, English, sonorant whine. Barking and beeping - lovely noises. England is so quiet.
OK. The dog has stopped now. Perhaps the truck hit it. No no - let's not entertain that possibility. Back to my point:
I've been in India. I'm pleased to be home.
I might try to put a few reflections about India up here over the next few days, but mainly my focus is going to be on getting the next book finished quickly. Deadline coming up and lots still to do.
Now somebody's started a hedgetrimmer. But it's a good noise. A homely, English, verdant grating...

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