Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wedding Knight

Two things happened today. (Only two. I checked on the 'what happened today database'.)

The first was that Wrapit, the wedding gift list service, admitted that it was facing 'financial difficulty'.

The second was that I saw The Dark Knight.

My wedding list was with Wrapit. Now I'm stuck with the feeling that I need Batman to swoop down and rescue me, my fiancee and all of our guests from the consumerist's nightmare that has descended on Gotham. Or something like that.

It's all so baffling. Our experience so far with Wrapit had been outstanding - wonderful customer service, a lovely peaceful showroom with a personal consultant to help us select our list. The range of gifts was amazing and the website was great. Today I've read loads of comments and reviews from couples saying that the problems for them started after their lists were closed. Gifts weren't delivered and suddenly the customer service disintegrated as well.

We hadn't reached that stage, so it still seems baffling to us how a company providing such a great service could fail like this. But I suppose it happens all the time!

At least we still have the chance to put together a new list with somebody else. The trouble is, now all the alternatives seem a little lacklustre. I was very surprised to find today that the John Lewis wedding list website is quite poorly designed and their product range is not what I thought it would be.

Oh well. Nothing Bruce Wayne can't sort out. Wrapit was obviously being run by some Joker. Now the caped crusader will come to our rescue and banish fear from the city. Do I have to email him first, or does he just turn up? How does it work? If you find the Batman customer service number let me know. I can't find a floodlight powerful enough to shine his logo into the sky.

I wonder if John Lewis stock powerful floodlights...


Anonymous said...

At least any of your gift-givers who've parted with dosh via their credit card can get it back on the card insurance. Then they could re-purchase the item and 'wrapit' themselves...

Kat said...

Oh no!

We used John Lewis and were generally pleased (especially with free sticky bun every time we went down there). Another bonus is th don't charge delivery to every guest like Debenhams!

You could always go off piste and have a blog list. Get one of your good mates to manage it. Pick the gifts from a variety of places and do a post on all of them and the guests can leave a comment to bagsy their purchses before posts are updated. Or something like that. By making your own list your mates can also see what your taste are should they decide to buy off list.

Kat x

Joe said...

That's an ingenious idea, Kat. I think we might have got round the problem at last though - one list at John Lewis and one at... Amazon! They really do sell everything. Almost.