Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Multiple Choice Extravaganza of Surprise!

I just found a pound coin in my pocket! So exciting.
Should I:

a) invest it and let it grow into a million gazillion pounds
b) buy a ticket in the Irish lottery, choosing the numbers 7, 17, 42, 90 and 17 again
c) give it away to a random person in the street and, while looking them in the eye with an intense stare, whisper, 'Pay it forward'
e) put it in the pocket of some other trousers to give my future self this joy all over again
6) toss it a hundred times and note the results (this one can be combined with any of the above)
b) sell the trousers on ebay as 'lucky trousers'. They are pretty comfortable.
ii) plant the coin in the garden and watch a money tree grow over the many years to come

Well? What's it to be?

I promise to abide by the wishes of the blogging community.


Anonymous said...

Well, you have to toss it 100 times. If you give it to a stranger you will have to be careful that they don’t decide that getting money from you is a good thing and politely request the rest of your wallet, at knife point. It would be fun to see the look of surprise on there face. You may find yourself under section 2 of the mental health act.

Give it away, give it away. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Find someone interesting and buy 100 random thoughts.