Monday, June 02, 2008


I've just noticed that Jimmy Coates: Killer is at Number 5 on Amazon's 'True Crime' bestseller list, alongside 'Essex Boys: The New Generation' and 'Crack House'.

I can't help thinking that fans of 'Snow Blind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade' are going to be a tad disappointed if they buy the first in the Jimmy Coates series thinking Jimmy is an underage mob captain or that his mate Felix is going to grab a baseball bat and have a go at someone's knees.

I know Amazon sell a lot of books, so they can't be expected to spot it every time a title is listed in the wrong category. And I suppose it's better than having it the other way round - which would entail 'Bonded By Blood: Murder and Intrigue in the Essex Ganglands' being listed as a children's book.


Anonymous said...

I knew it. It’s all true.

The history of the UK is just a fabrication to make us hate the French, all to keep a defunct political process out of the hands of ordinary people.

So I have to ask, what is the London Eye really for?

someone you know a bit said...

What do think about publishers putting an age on the back of books for parents' guidance? apparently authors don't like it but parents do. Is it another dumbocracy thing?