Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Glows

Today's ramble will be brought to you on a near-luminous piece of perspex, just like the invitation to the HarperCollins Summer Party that I have just received.

Seriously - it's luminous. It glows. And yet it is also see-through. It truly is a wonder of nature.

I missed the last two HC Summer Parties, one because I was competing in a snooker tournament in Dubai and the last because I was a contestant on The Apprentice (see below for details of both of those adventures) so I'm particularly looking forward to this one. Even though I'm going to have to miss a cricket match to be there. That's a little annoying, I have to admit, but the invitation is luminous, after all, and anything with a glowing invitation must trump anything that would be cancelled at the slightest sign of rain.

Meanwhile, how about supporting me in the Gateshead Children's Book Award?

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