Monday, June 16, 2008

159 in two days, and that's just the number of cakes I consumed

Can you remember three consecutive days of sunshine? In Britain?

It's been great this weekend, especially as I had two games of cricket lined up and a grand tea party to bring things to a close today. As if that wasn't enough, the weather brought out my finest form - I hit 66 on Friday and a storming 93 on Saturday. Disappointing to miss out on the century, but still two innings full of memories to cherish.

But the really big news is that Operation 2015 can now move to the next stage. This is my mission to win the World Snooker Championship by the end of 2015. And this week my cue arrived.

It truly is a thing of beauty. I only hope I've put in enough hours of training to deserve to use it. I will, of course, keep you posted on progress.

This week I might also add my thoughts about age-ranging on children's books, as several of you have been asking me about that and I feel that keeping quite too much longer might look a bit strange.

Meanwhile, you can probably catch up on the back-story (and the latest) by dropping in on Darren Shan's blog. (Try to ignore the thousands of exclamation marks if you can. The words between them are often worth reading.)

But before you go there, be warned that although we share a publisher (and in fact even the same editor) his views on the age-banding issue are very different to mine.

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