Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vote For Mayor Spielberg

Have you voted yet? Are you in London? My snazzy new click-map (which should be just to the right of this sentence) tells me that over 80 per cent of the readers of this blog are based in London, so - have you voted?

For the rest of you: we're electing a mayor. Hopefully not a new one, because I'm pretty happy with the current one. Well, let's put that in perspective a little: I'm less unhappy with the current mayor than I am horrified by the proposition of any of the other candidates becoming mayor. Does that make sense?

OK, it doesn't. That's a modern democracy for you. But if you don't have at least a pale imitation of democracy you end up with things like this - a list compiled oligarchally (is that a word? I mean a list decided by a powerful few). It's the latest list from The Times of what their critics deem to be the best 100 films ever made. It's a bit odd. You'll hate it. But check it out and maybe let me know why you hate it, because I thought I'd stick my neck out in response and decide on my own 'best' films ever made.

I probably won't limit myself to a hundred, and I won't rank them. It'll just be a list of the best films. Either a movie makes the cut or it doesn't. There might be twelve, twenty, a hundred, or a hundred and twenty. We'll see.

I'll type up my list and post it here in the next few days. Meanwhile, here's the link to The Times' list again.

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