Monday, April 14, 2008

Segnor Craig Will Now Mash An Anchovy And Spread It On His Toast

I saw the Spanish copy of Jimmy Coates: Killer today - it's a snazzy hardback with a shiny spine. Nice. And it's called Corre, Jimmy, Huye!

I think I've got the spelling of that right, but I might have to check. Anyway, my Spanish being a bit rusty (the only words I know are 'paella', 'rioja' and 'bonjela') I can't really get the full enjoyment from the translation, but it was great to see that the character of Miss Bennett has become Senorita Bennett.

As James Cagney might have said in a noir moment - that adds a whole lot of class to my operation.

Meanwhile, I'm about to submit Jimmy Coates: Power to my editor at HarperCollins. Let's hope she likes it.

There'll be plenty of work to do on it between now and publication (October), but I think it's just about there. I'm going to give another read through and a bit of a polish before ending my weekend in style with a celebratory slice of toast.

I might even butter it.

Tomorrow I might buy shoes...

Oh, that reminds me - there's a poll on my bebo page about what I should wear for a dinner party this week. Vote via my profile, here:

I've pledged to let web-democracy dictate my outfit.

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