Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things I Just Learned

You could roll the London Eye underneath the Wembley Arch. (I think this was meant to be hypothetical. I don't think you could really do this. At least not on your own. Wembley Stadium is in the way, not to mention all of London between Waterloo and Wembley. And how would you get the London Eye across the Thames? Eh? Have you thought of that?)

You could fit St Paul's Cathedral into Battersea Power Station without touching the walls. (That sounds like a drunken dare to me. It's not good enough just to fit it in, you have to do it without touching the walls. What next? Doing it on one leg? Why?)

Back to Wembley: The actual arch is a tube wide enough to drive a London Underground train all the way along it, through the middle. (Again - why? Why would London Underground want to do this? I'd rather they concentrated on getting the rest of the network to run properly.)

By the way, while I'm here:
*****Jimmy Coates: Survival is out in the UK on Tuesday!*****

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