Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Hundred Pennies of Rambling

I have nine minutes and twenty seconds before my pound runs out and I lose the internet connection on this computer in Belfast station. So I'm just going to rant for nine, no - now it's eight - minutes. Isn't it amazing what a pound can buy you? I did have fourteen minutes, but I wasted the first three trying to update my website. The computer didn't like that. Oh well.

Anyway, massive HI to everybody I've met in the last couple of days. Wonderful audiences of students at Wesley College in Dundrum (near Dublin, and very near the BIGGEST SHOPPING CENTRE IN EUROPE! I got pretty excited about that), and at the Royal Belfast Academical Institute and Methody College, here in Belfast.

I'm about to find my way to Ballymena. Can't wait. Plenty more schools waiting for me there.

I think this is just about half way through my Ireland/N. Ireland trip. So far, everything is going pretty well. I've heard epic stories involving aliens, baldness, weetabix, moustaches, cheese... you know, the regular stuff. I've also managed to turn up at the right places at almost the right times, which is really my only barometer of success for a trip like this one. I have low standards. Oh, but just in case anybody from HarperCollins is reading this: yup, we've sold loads of books.

I knew I'd love Dublin - I've been there before great city. Lovely people. It didn't disappoint. And today, my flying visit to Belfast has been a load of fun. Everybody is so friendly! I'm going to be longing for some good old fashioned London frowns by the time I get home.

Everybody told me how great the train journey was going to be from Dublin up to Belfast. It was. I slept. I think people meant the views, but I was enjoying the quiet.

It's been amazing to see so many smiles on people's faces. (That's one smile per face, of course.) Then again, they might have been smiling because they're having trouble with my accent. I've had a few comic misunderstandings. I have one minute left to tell you my favourite:

I was ordering duck (obviously), when I thought the waitress asked me: How would you like to be cooked?

I was quite confused. Even the second time she asked.

Should really have worked that one out quicker than I did.

OK, time's up. Oh, wait, I haven't even told you abo

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Anonymous said...

Hehe....you visited Methody today you rocket!We hope you liked it better than Inst....errghhh....we hate Inst!!!Hopefully the aliens won't follow you to Ballymena(get your granny to send you some Weetabix, just in case)

Love from,
3S @ Methody