Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey, check me out - I'm on a list with George Orwell. That's a Good Thing.

As has been very helpfully pointed out to me in a comment, below, Jimmy Coates: Sabotage has been picked by the Independent newspaper as one of the Ten Best Books for Teenagers.

Not the ten best of the week, the month or the year - just the ten best. And there's a 'Joe Craig' book on that list, nestled gently between Malorie Blackman and Siobhan Dowd, mingling with Dodie Smith, Anthony Horowitz, Jacqueline Wilson, Stella Gibbons and George Orwell. will tell you more.

While I'm here, let's make this a rare double-topic blog entry. I just invented that concept. There should be a name for it. Work on that, people. OK, I'm going to move on before this becomes a triple-topic entry.

Anybody remotely considering becoming an author - especially a children's author, should check out these excellent pages in which wise and perceptive literary experts tell you about school visits and book events:

BookMoot's advice about visiting schools

Rick Riordan talking about 'overnight' success

Some entertaining reflections on school visits from other authors

I did 103 school events last year, including a handful in the USA, so it's all incredibly useful stuff for me. I might even put a few of my thoughts together about visiting schools and post them here another time...

Meanwhile, I'm off to compile my list of top ten independent British newspapers...


Katy said...

Nooo I can't find you - there are books for under fives and books for 5-10 year olds, but no books for teenagers. Where have you gone? On the plus side I now know which are the 10 best magazine racks and the 10 best sausages.

Joe said...

Sorry Katy - looks like they haven't updated the website yet. Keep checking back. It'll probably go up later today.
Meanwhile, enjoy your sausages.