Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Very Succinct Film Review

I bought lots of light bulbs today. Lots and lots of light bulbs. All different kinds of light bulbs: 40Watt, 60Watt, bigs ones, small ones, spotlight ones... lots of light bulbs.

Got them home.

All wrong.

The bayonet ones need to go in screw holes and the screw ones need to go in bayonet holes.

Why do we have both? Or why don't we have fittings that would hold either sort? Or bulbs that would fit in either type of hole? Is it like this in other countries around the world?

It was all very disappointing. Especially after I'd just seen 'No Country For Old Men' - what was all that about? Awful film. What a let down.

One or two really good, tense scenes.

A story like a slap in the face.

In a bad way.

I'm going to try to forget all about it. While sitting in the dark.

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