Thursday, December 27, 2007

Easter will now be known as 'Playstatio'

Hope you're all having a great Christmas.
Can I just say one thing?
A lot of people abbreviate it to Xmas, which is fine. Others like the more jovial 'Chrimbo'. Also fine. No problem with either.
But isn't it about time we streamlined this whole operation and combined the two? I've been trying to get people to do this for years. Maybe now I have a blog it will catch on.
So from now on, in emails and other quick notes etc. this festival/holiday is to be referred to as Xbo.
I think that will also make it cooler. You know, with the youth of today. It's pretty close to 'Xbox', after all.
So you got that?
Happy Xbo, everyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It might cause confusion as the reference to xbo could mean you are talking about an airport in Burkina Faso...